Volunteer for Organizing-4-Nigeria

“The tireless effort of a grassroots movement in USA united a people hungry for change and resulted in the historic election of President Obama. This undoubtedly confirms that ordinary people, together, can achieve extraordinary things”

Dr. Israel Nonyerem Davidson
President, Openmind Foundation

The challenge that our country faces can never be resolved by one person or organisation alone. We need your help to fuel and drive the wheel of change in Nigeria. In 2008, millions of Americans got involved in the political process to battle for a new kind of politics, politicians and a better future for their nation. Our beloved country needs similar voices and dedication from patriotic sons and daughters of the land to enable a new beginning and a chance for the country to reinvent itself and join the league of progressive and prosperous people and nations.

Be part of the making of history as we strive to educate and empower the Nigerian people toward making informed decisions on politics and leadership of our nation.

Remember, times of personal, professional or national crises can generate leadership qualities in individuals which has previously lay dormant. Don’t underestimate your capabilities. Do something amazing today and surprise yourself. Volunteer for a worthy cause and work towards the change that will impact generations to come. Yes you can. Now is the time. We need you to get involved.

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